MCAS Review Questions

(Correlated to CPO "Physics - A First Course")

MCAS Describing the Physical Universe 1 (Speed-Velocity; Distance-Displacement)

MCAS Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws 2a (Inertia, Force, Mass, Acceleration, Weight)

MCAS Graphs of Motion 2b

MCAS Conservation Laws - Momentum 3a (Newton's 3rd Law, Momentum)

MCAS Conservation Laws - Energy 3b

MCAS Work and Power 4.1

MCAS Forces in Equilibrium 5 (Vectors, Free-Body Diagrams, Friction)

MCAS Centripetal Force & Gravity 6 (Systems in Circular Motion)

MCAS Heat and Temperature 7 (Atomic Theory, Phases of Matter, Specific Heat, Heat Transfer)

MCAS Electric Circuits 13 (Current, Voltage, Resistance, Ohm's Law)

MCAS Electrical Systems 14 (Series and Parallel Circuits, Electrical Power and Energy, AC-DC)

MCAS Electrical Charges and Forces 15 (Coulomb's Law, Electrostatics, Capacitors)

MCAS Electromagnetism and Induction 16-17 (Magnets, Motors, Generators, Transformers)

MCAS Harmonic Motion and Waves 19-20

MCAS Sound 21 (Doppler Effect)

MCAS Light, Optics, & the Electromagnetic Spectrum 22-24 (Reflection, Refraction, Mirrors, Lenses)