Use the highlighted words and terms below to complete the diagram above. Some of the words are Things, some are processes and some are descriptions of processes.

All of the different kinds of rocks that make up the Earth's crust can be classified as being Sedimentary Rock, Metamorphic Rock, or Igneous Rock. Under the proper circumstances, a rock from one of these types can be changed to either of the other types. For example, if a sedimentary rock were placed in conditions where high heat and pressure transform rock it would undergo metamorphism and become a metamorphic rock. If the metamorphic rock were to undergo melting, where even higher heat and pressure liquefy rock it would become Magma. When cooling and solidification cause the liquid rock to again become solid, the process is called crystallization. Both metamorphic and igneous rocks can undergo chemical and physical weathering which causes rocks to break down into smaller particles such as sand and pebbles. This decomposition and disintegration of rock forms Sediment. Sediment gets buried and natural cementing material commonly found in water bind the fragments together. The process where compaction & cementation solidify sediments into sedimentary rock is called lithification.