Electomagnetism and Induction

By Dana Ferrante (CHS Class of 2013)

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3. The rotating part of a motor that spins both the electromagnets and coils.
6. Electric ____. Converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
8. Two wires with a current going in the same direction will ____.
9. Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy using induction.
10. Two wires that have current flowing in two different directions will ____.
11. Electromagnetic ____. Moving a magnet to create an electric current in a wire.
13. These connections continually switch from positive to negative as a rotor in a motor turn.
1. A device that switches the direction of the current in an electromagnet, and keeps the rotor spinning in a motor.
2. His law states that the voltage induced in a coil is proportional to the rate of change of the magnetic field through the coil.
4. An induction device used to either "step up" or "step down" voltage.
5. A disk that has stationary magnets with alternating poles.
6. ____ is created by moving charges.
7. A coil with many turns; it is the most common electromagnetic device.
12. A looped wire with a magnetic field in the center of the loop.