By Meaghan Gillam (CHS Class of 2013)

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4. ____ magnet. A material that retains its magnetic properties.
5. Magnetic ____. The two regions of a magnet where the magnetic forces are the strongest (hint: north and south).
8. Magnetic ____. The magnetic force that surrounds magnetic objects at all points in space.
11. The ability to exert forces on magnets or other magnetic materials.
13. ____ magnet. A material whose magnetic domain remains aligned for a long time, making it difficult to demagnitize.
14. ____ material. A material where the magnetism of individual electrons doesn't cancel out completely.
15. Magnetic field ____. the arrows used to show the direction of magnetic force in a magnetic field.
16. A device containing a magnet that interacts with Earth's magnetic field to indicate direction.
1. ____ material. A material with very strong magnetic properties.
2. ____ material. Where the magnetic fields of individual electrons of each atom cancel each other out, giving the atom a measure of zero magnetism.
3. A magnet created by electric current flowing in wires.
6. ____ magnet. A magnetic material that is relatively easily magnetized or demagnetized.
7. Magnetic ____. The difference between the direction a compass points and the direction of true north.
9. Magnetic ____. A region of a material in which atoms magnetically align in the same direction.
10. ____ hand rule. The rule used to figure out a magnetic field's direction.
12. Unit used to measure the strength of a magnetic field.