Machines, Work and Energy

By Christina Barrows (CHS Class of 2013)

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1. English unit of power.
4. What the machine does for you (opposite of input).
8. Output ____. The end of the lever that applies the output force.
10. Simple ____. A mechanical device that accomplishes a task with only one movement.
11. Everything you do to make the machine work (opposite of output).
12. A force that stretches or pulls.
13. The ratio of a machine's output work to input work.
2. International System unit for power.
3. An ideal process that can run forward or backward.
5. The rate at which work is done.
6. Something that can only go forward in time.
7. All levers include this stiff structure that rotates around a fixed part.
8. The mechanical ____ of a machine is the ratio of the output force to the input force.
9. A device with moving parts that work together to accomplish a task.