Gravity and Satellite Motion

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2. A single foci.
6. Small _____ tides occur when the Moon and Sun are 90 degrees apart at 1st or 3rd Quarter moon.
7. When you are in free-fall your _____ is due to gravity.
9. He didn't discover gravity - he discovered that gravity was universal.
13. Satellites in orbit around the Earth are actually in _____.
16. Up and down.
18. Large _____ tides occur when the Moon and Sun line up during a Full or New moon.
19. This law says doubling the distance makes the phenomenon 1/4 as great.
20. The path of a projectile.
1. Your _____ weight can become zero when you are in free-fall.
3. A projectile that falls around the Earth rather than into it.
4. The shape of the trajectory of a projectile that accelerates only in the vertical direction while moving at a constant horizontal velocity.
5. Sideways.
8. Your weight decreases as you increase your distance from this part of the Earth.
10. Tides are due to the _____ in pull of a massive body.
11. A ball thrown into the air. A bullet fired from a gun. A ball shot from a cannon.
12. Gravity is this because it involves everything in the universe.
13. More than one focus point.
14. The oval path of most satellites.
15. The attraction between you and every other mass in the universe.
17. Your _____ is due to gravity attracting your mass.